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On site at Sibos

Read below to see Darcey’s experience…

When I got asked to be part of the HSBC Sibos team, I didn’t really know what to expect. My role started out helping with scheduling, sending meeting confirmations, and other little bits, while also trying to understand what Sibos is all about bringing the global financial community together.

Being given the opportunity to travel and work internationally only two months into the Year ONE program was amazing.

It was my first-time flying alone, and my first-time in Amsterdam, so I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited! I quickly got into the swing of things, with the guidance of a great team, Delegate Manager Angel Labra, Project Manager Megan Wise, and Senior Project Manager Katy Cunniffe. 

We began on Sunday by setting up, meeting our clients face to face (for the first time), and ensuring everyone was clear on roles and responsibilities. On Monday, it was time to bring the event to life, which began by meeting the delegates as they made their way onto the stand and checking the meeting schedules (which were busy!). This meant we had to be super organized and ensure everyone was where they needed to be at the correct time. When the attendees arrived at the stand, it was my role to make sure they were seated in the correct room and that the HSBC delegates meeting them were aware and had everything they needed. With over 400 meetings over four days, everyone had to work closely together to ensure that the event ran seamlessly. 

A separate team within the company was also organizing a networking evening event for HSBC as part of their Sibos program, which myself and Angel attended on site to help out. This was very exciting, as it was a completely different type of event. Angel and I brought the delegates on coaches to the A’DAM tower, where cocktails and canapes were awaiting them. With live music filling the room and as the sun began to set, it was great to see the delegates enjoying the entertainment. One of my favorite parts of the evening was watching the illustrator we had commissioned drawing images of Amsterdam on the windows, bringing them to life and emphasizing the landmarks and features the city has to offer. It was so nice to see how the team really pulled together for a busy and long day, and I can totally understand the on-site buzz everyone’s been talking about now. 

On the final day, we said goodbye to the remaining delegates and were thanked for being so organized and proactive. By the end of the week, my confidence had grown hugely. I was trusted with more challenging tasks and responsibilities: communicating with delegates, making changes within the schedule, and advising other banks on the process when scheduling a meeting. Although the days were long and very busy, it all paid off when we received good feedback from both clients and delegates. Being on site at this event has taught me a lot about the industry, and I feel I have gained so many valuable skills, from communicating with financial leaders from across the globe, to organizing their day-to-day schedules, as well as ensuring the team was fed and watered. This is an experience I will never forget!