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Elizabeth Armstrong: The role of a Project Manager

Elizabeth Armstrong joined our team earlier this year as a Project Manager in the UK – find out more about her role and what it’s like to work within the Events Management industry.

August, 2022


What is your role in the business? Can you share a little bit about your skills? 


I’m a Project Manager on a dedicated client account – I get to work across both congress and meetings which offers tons of variety. This being the case, the actual client contact often varies, meaning we’re adaptable not only in our response to different working styles, but also in delivering on a broad range of event aims. One moment we’re liaising with a Front of House team to deliver a seamless awards dinner; the next we’re developing a dedicated event app so that each attendee has a personalized agenda in their pocket. I’ve been with the business for a relatively short amount of time; however, my event background has equipped me with a basis of skills – a client at a recent event commented on my ability to stay “cool, calm, and collected” under pressure. There’s always paddling happening underneath the surface in those situations, but if we can remain the reassuring presence, keeping everything under control, that’s what clients tend to remember.  


How are you settling in? What are you enjoying the most? 


I’m settling in well, and it feels like I’ve been with the business much longer than I actually have! My team has been the most helpful, welcoming bunch and are always generous with their wealth of knowledge. When that’s the culture, people learn quickly. I’m really enjoying building those working relationships, both across the team and with various clients. Being on-site for events in different locations has been really enjoyable too. It’s such a buzz when all the planning and moving parts come together and you receive glowing feedback. You really lean on teamwork and a bit of event adrenaline!  


What’s new and what’s exciting you about the event industry? 


I had a brief break from the event industry during COVID, as many did. I’m loving the return of face-to-face events but I’m also enjoying the flexibility that the lasting presence of hybrid events provides. Yes, everyone went a little stir-crazy when we were interacting via screens consistently, but the synthesis of in-person engagement alongside a virtual setting, and the normalizing of dialing in when you can’t be in the same room checks a lot of boxes. I think that lots of event professionals that had a break from the industry have now returned with heightened enthusiasm. 


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