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The Business of Emotion

Delivering better business value.

Often, experiential leaders default to stripping everything back to its simplest possible form in an attempt to reduce investment and drive better returns. But that ignores the biggest value creator – impact. In fact, the returns on your experiential investment are almost entirely defined by the impact you have on your audience.

If we want to drive impact – B2B or B2C, external or internal – Behavioral Science and research tell us experiences that stimulate an emotional response deliver all kinds of business benefits.

Emotions deliver impact.

Despite thinking of ourselves as wholly rational, Behavioral Science shows our decisions are strongly influenced by our emotions.

In fact, emotions impact all kinds of business-critical states; from forming lasting memories that drive learning and product recall, to creating more positive evaluations of products and brands.

The Business of Emotion.

Through innovative Behavioral Science sprints, we bring a unique lens to developing events that deliver purposeful connections which add value to your business.

Our bespoke methodology identifies what you need your audience’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral states to be (what you need them to think, feel, and do) during each stage of your event to achieve your experience goals. Then, we use our combination of deep expertise, intelligent creativity and delivery excellence to make it happen.

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