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Mayra Dietz: My volunteering story

When we volunteer, we do something amazing. The time and skills that we offer can make an extraordinary difference. At Emota, our Volunteering Policy allows staff to spend time supporting their own, preferred causes throughout the year.

August, 2022

Mayra Dietz, our Creative Project Coordinator within the USA, is a committed volunteer. This year, Mayra chose to volunteer at a local Senior Care Facility to help organize events to make it a happier place for residents to spend their time. Mayra supported them by helping the Events Director decorate their Mother’s Day Tea Party. She worked alongside her mom, who also works at the Senior Care Facility as a Med Tech Nurse, which Mayra said was a special bonding experience.

“I used my creative skills to create the centerpieces for the tables and the balloon backdrop for photos to be taken, and I organized the food display for their dessert. I also helped ensure that everyone participated in the raffle for a chance to win a prize and served them tea throughout the event.”


Volunteering also helps us as individuals. It’s a chance to give back and provide acts of kindness, which in turn supports our mental health and confidence. 

“I feel like my positive energy and my cheerfulness was what helped create the impact that I wanted, because the residents always pointed out my smile. I was also very enthusiastic when interacting with them and enjoyed getting to know them at their most vulnerable state.” 


Overall, Mayra feels the most rewarding part for her, personally, was to see the residents smiling when they listened to her stories that were shared during the event.

“It’s always interesting to take the time to talk with the residents and hear their experiences, because we have more in common than we think.” 


The business’ Volunteering Policy encourages employees to take advantage of three annual volunteer days, along with the chance to be crowned the Volunteer of the Year. It’s not necessarily being labeled the Volunteer of the Year that motivates Mayra, but rather the thought of how her hard work and volunteer hours positively influenced others and her community.

Next on the list for Mayra – she has a goal to contribute $700 to an organization that she holds close to her heart: the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She believes everyone’s mental health should be prioritized.   


If you’re interested in joining us in making an impact – visit our Careers page to see our latest vacancies.


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