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New research report into the HCP congress experience

Joint report from Ashfield Event Experiences (now Emota), part of Inizio Engage XD, and IPCAA provides insights to drive future medical congress and convention success.

Based on a survey of 275 healthcare providers from the US, UK and Western Europe.

Ashfield Event Experiences (now Emota) has teamed up with IPCAA (the International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) to address how healthcare professional (HCP) behaviours and attitudes towards medical congresses and conventions have been impacted by the return of in-person events. The results of their study are issued in their 2023 HCP Congress Experience Report: “Out with the old, in with the new?” which provides the pharmaceutical industry with a road map to success for future medical congresses and conventions.

The report demonstrates how congresses and conventions can flourish in the future when the industry addresses how and why it invests in different experiences. It provides insights into the key areas of focus for achieving successful international congresses and conventions, and compares these findings with earlier survey responses obtained during lockdown, when relevant.

The report answers such vital questions as:

  • How the industry can make the most of the congress and convention journey.
  • Why HCPs attend international congresses and conventions.
  • How face-to-face meetings have impacted virtual.
  • What HCPs think of the virtual experience.
  • How HCPs view the environmental impact of face-to-face meetings.

For the 2023 report, 275 HCPs incorporating equal sample sizes of oncologists, cardiologists, neurologists, primary care physicians and infectious disease specialists from the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy were surveyed. There was a quantitative online survey aimed to address HCP behaviour changes relative to international congress and convention participation in addition to qualitative commentary.

“We found this year’s report particularly telling in how HCPs behaviours were impacted by the pivot to virtual congresses or conventions and our subsequent return to face-to-face,” notes Isabelle Merillet, Head of Congress, Ashfield Event Experiences (now Emota)“It’s entirely possible that if we ignore the learnings from lockdown, that we will deny valuable opportunities to connect and learn.”

Nicky Simpson, Co-President of IPCAA added “It’s so important to hear directly from healthcare professionals about what they really want from their medical congresses in the future and understand why some of the changes we predicted have not been as permanent as we first thought. How congresses are delivered, and how pharma companies show up, must be built on these preferences.”

This new report is part of ongoing research by Ashfield Event Experiences (now Emota) and IPCAA to assist the pharmaceutical industry with improving the congress experience to best serve the needs of HCPs and their patients.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded using the form below.

Download the 2023 HCP Congress Experience Report