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On site in Lyon

Wow! Where do I start?! To be given the opportunity to travel and work internationally in my second month on the Year ONE program was awesome. I traveled to Lyon as part of my first stint with Emota’s Healthcare Logistics team, where I am working as a Delegate Manager.

I was on site with the amazing Emota Logistics Project Manager Katie Mason. For my first experience on site, I could not have asked to be with a better colleague. She was so supportive while managing the project and simultaneously guiding me throughout. 


Katie and I had only met over Teams, as she is based in the London office and I’m in Manchester. I was so nervous waiting at the airport, wanting to do the best I could on this job. After a delayed flight and a missing suitcase, I got to the hotel and Katie was so welcoming! 

As we got to work, Katie gave me a clipboard and the week’s running order. Then it was time to get going! I felt as though my confidence grew day by day talking to delegates, managing tasks, and trusting myself to get on with things independently. As the week went on, I realized, “No, wait, I can do this!” This confidence was certainly influenced by Katie, as I learned by watching her in action and was then trusted to manage delegates myself. 

Seeing the Delegate Manager role come to life was amazing. Our aim is always to create a seamless experiences for guests. As I’ve heard from a few colleagues, “clients won’t necessarily notice good logistics, but when it’s not managed correctly, the event can be ruined!” 

When the guests were due to arrive, it was time to divide up responsibilities. Katie met the delegates at the train station, making sure they were all on the correct transfers to the hotel. On arrival at the hotel, I was there to greet the delegates with their room key and a welcome package, which included event lanyards, an overview of the week, and their schedule. The delegates seemed very tired, as they had just come from another event. However, the dinner we put on that night was a success and a good sign of things to come! 

The following day, while the delegates were in session, Katie and I were informed about a strike at French air traffic control. All the delegates’ flights were changed, which caused a huge ripple effect on the pre-booked transfers. We all know how a changed flight and strikes can cause a lot of stress, so it was up to us to ensure nothing affected the overall event aims. 

Katie’s calm, focused approach was amazing to see. We quickly got to work contacting different travel companies, booking train tickets, changing the dates and times. All transfers were sorted by the end of the dinner, with delegates informed and satisfied! It was great to see the delegates’ patience and cooperation. We did still grab some time for a nice dinner while we worked, though! 

As the final day of the event approached, some of the delegates had to leave for their flights straight after the meeting, leaving only five of them attending the dinner in the evening. One of the highlights of the trip for me was this final evening dinner, when the delegates insisted Katie and I should join them. They would not take no for an answer! It was so lovely to get to know the delegates and all the interesting, exquisite facts about their countries and lives at home, along with their love of Five Guys 😊. 

As Friday morning came around, we said goodbye to the remaining delegates and wished them a safe flight. My first time on site in Lyon was unforgettable! It was challenging, but I have gained so many skills. It has also taught me that, behind the scenes of an event, you need to be very flexible   and, if problems arise, approach them with a calm, positive attitude. Katie is a great role model, and it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside her. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with her again. I cannot wait to add to my list of experiences at Emota.