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Introducing the Year ONE Class of 2023/24

2022 marked the inaugural run of our Year ONE internship, and it was a huge triumph. We brought the next generation of talent into the agency, showing them anything and everything that goes into running market-leading events. We’re thrilled to announce that all six of them have been taken on full time and continue to make an impact across the team.

We’re now excited to unveil our 2023 cohort, which includes our US office. They have big shoes to fill but bring unique perspectives and dreams, and we wanted to delve deeper into their journey so far.

In Philadelphia, we have Joey, who’s starting in Event Production, and Katelyn, who’s with the Environments team.


In Manchester, we have Imogen, who’s starting with Delegate Experiences, Eve in Healthcare Logistics, and George in Event Production.


Finally, in London, we have Patrick and Maddie in Environments, and Alice in Event Production.


Why the interest in the world of events?

Eve: I started out with festivals; but soon realized that as much as I loved the work, music and people, going back to a tent after a 10+ hour shift wasn’t quite the glamorous lifestyle I wished to live.

Alice: I graduated from University of Leeds in Zoology in 2022. Although I loved my degree, I realized my career aspirations lay outside of that field. This journey took me from office admin to animal care to retail! I have always loved planning parties and outings for my friends and family, with each being accompanied by an overly detailed to-do list! This made me feel as though a career in events would be right for me.

George: I have a huge love of and interest in live events, from music to exhibitions and other sectors of the arts. Beyond that, I’m just extremely fascinated by the world of media, communication, and people in general – WRG (now Emota) has provided me with the perfect environment to explore all avenues of my passions.

Patrick: I grew up in Ibiza surrounded by music, with events such as the International Music Summit. What truly captivates me about events is the dynamic nature of the work. Moreover, seeing the final result of the hard work put into planning an event for months is incredibly rewarding.

Katelyn: Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in Advertising, I worked as a strategist at a student-run agency. I love strategy and building the foundation of a campaign, but there’s something really special about seeing the whole process from start to finish. Working in the world of events will allow me to see a project come to fruition – something I haven’t been able to experience yet.

Maddie: Having spent the first two years of my Graphic and Communication Design degree in a very small and moldy student room – thanks COVID! – I decided to take a year in industry for my third year in the hope of learning something firsthand. During my placement at a beauty company, I was properly introduced to the behind-the-scenes world of events, getting involved in influencer and product launch events. I enjoyed the management and planning side of this and loved how it allowed me to use my creative side.

Joey: I have a lot of experience in hospitality, and more recently working in Public Relations allowed me to dabble in the world of events, which I loved. As a people person, events create unique social environments to connect with others. You’re not just selling a message, you get to build an experience and bring a client’s vision to life.

Imogen: I studied Fashion Management and Communications at Sheffield HallamUniversity, and for the past three years, I’ve been navigating the creative and business aspects of the trend industry. After working remotely for three years, I was ready for an industry that thrived on interaction, meeting new people, and exploring new perspectives. The events industry, with its ability to connect and inspire, felt like a perfect fit.


Why the Year ONE program?

Eve: I was at a bit of a standstill after finishing my Events degree when I realized it’s difficult to find a job in the events world without having the right contacts – something I didn’t have. I knew I had a passion for events, but I wasn’t sure where to go with my career until I came across the Year ONE program.

Alice: Once I realized I wanted to work in the world of events, I began to volunteer for local charity events. This included marshaling at marathons and sourcing gazebos for local dog shows! Finally, I began to look for events planning internships. The Year ONE program immediately stood out to me. It is an incredibly unique opportunity, allowing movement between different departments and the possibility for international travel!

George: With nearly six years of customer-centric experience in the retail and hospitality sector, alongside a degree in Communication and Media from the University of Liverpool, this has truly felt like a perfectly-timed opportunity to explore a new avenue, and the program with WRG (now Emota) will be hugely instrumental for my personal and professional development. It was really encouraging to see how successful the program has been for the first intake of Year ONEs, so it feels impossible to not be compelled and I’m eager to get the ball rolling.

Patrick: I saw this program as a perfect fit to continue my journey in the world of Event Management. It promises exposure to a wide range of events with the chance to work with a dynamic team, and it hasn’t disappointed!

Katelyn: There were a lot of things that drew me to the Year ONE program. Being from the West Coast, I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast, so location was important to me. I’ve never experienced Philadelphia, but it’s the perfect city for an events internship. One of the bigger aspects of the program that I admired was the length. A 12-month paid internship is virtually unheard of here in the US. I’d say what drew me to the program the most, though, was the people. I religiously read the articles and bits about the previous Year ONE participants. It was clear that they genuinely enjoyed their experience with WRG (now Emota).

Maddie: I found the Year ONE program in one of my many long hours scrolling through recruitment sites, and after reading some more about it and WRG (now Emota), I knew this was what I had been looking for, and then panicked a bit to get everything right in my application, because it was the only program I had seen like it.

Joey: The Year ONE program description is unlike any other entry-level internship I have come across. In the age of imposter syndrome, unpaid positions, and extensive experience being required to gain entry-level opportunities, this role eliminates all of those typical drawbacks. I knew I would be thoroughly trained, compensated, and heavily supported in my venture of learning the ins and outs of the company and role.

Imogen: The opportunity to immerse myself in three different teams within the company is so exciting! It’s not just about mentorship, but also about hands-on experience and collaboration with top industry professionals – an opportunity of a lifetime!


How have the first weeks been?

Eve: Everyone in the office has been so welcoming and helpful and I have learned so much already. I can’t wait to see what this year holds!

Alice: In my first weeks, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and willing to lend a hand or an ear when needed. The atmosphere in the office is active and fun with biweekly team lunches and a 5-a-side football team! Rebecca, a previous intern, has guided me through my first few days without a hitch and has been very helpful. I am very excited that my first project will be on site in Milan. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

George: I’ve recently come back from a pretty groovy event in Barcelona where I watched months of in-depth planning and preparation be perfectly performed over three days. This first month has been immensely captivating and inspiring for me, with everyone I’ve met so far being very professional, and so, so welcoming – I already feel at home.

Patrick:The first weeks have been surreal. I’ve not only been tasked with running an event in Brussels, which I’m just about to go to, but I’m also assisting in an event in Glasgow in the next couple of weeks.

Katelyn: I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful everyone has been. Moving across the country meant I was putting everything on the line. It has been astronomically worth it. I have been paired with a Project Manager here in the Philadelphia office, and she’s taken me under her wing, which I’m very grateful for. She’s shown me the ropes thus far and doesn’t think any of my questions are stupid. I’ve taken it upon myself to just bother people in the office or go introduce myself if we haven’t met. Everyone has offered to help in any way they can, and I can tell they truly mean it.

Maddie: On my second day, I went up to visit my team in the Manchester office, and in the second week, I was put onto client calls and booking flights to go on site in Milan. Considering how much I’ve been involved with already in such a short amount of time, I’m very excited to be a part of all the different teams and get stuck into every project that comes my way.

Joey: My first weeks of onboarding have been a great experience! Everyone is so welcoming and laid back, while equally offering themselves up for questions and assistance. My higher ups have been proactive in including me on in/out-of-office team events, while introducing me to employees throughout the company remotely and in person.

Imogen: Starting a new job in an entirely different industry while being in a completely unfamiliar city has been exhilarating! My fellow and past Year ONEs have made the transition seamless, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them  – four weeks in and I’ve already made incredible friends. After the past month in my first rotation with the Delegate Experience team, I can sense that this year will be something special. The team’s warmth and enthusiasm have made me feel right at home. To top it off, I’m heading on site to Lisbon and Amsterdam in the coming months. It’s been a whirlwind start, and I’m so ready for this new chapter.

Stay connected as we continue to showcase the aspirations and progress of our Year ONE class of 2023/24.

Their journey promises to be an exciting one!