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A hybrid product launch with added Rock & Roar

To bring colleagues together for an interactive and dynamic global meeting.

We wanted to reunite colleagues after 18 months apart to inspire and energize them. By creating a hybrid studio in a prestigious Paris hotel, speakers could attend in person, while attendees watched online.  

Read on to find out how we transformed the space into a TV studio with added “Rock & Roar.” 

The challenge.

To produce an unforgettable launch event, as teams were eager to get back together post-pandemic. 

Rocking a truly full-service approach from the very outset, our Production and Content & Communications teams worked alongside our Digital and Project Management & Planning teams to determine how best to bring people back together for the launch event. Reconnecting attendees and choreographing a captivating delivery method were at the heart of their planning, as was creating an engaging atmosphere throughout. 


The solution.

Our hybrid studio was set up at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, allowing for Janssen’s hosts to reconnect in person while their attendees were invited to join virtually. Working collaboratively with the teams at Janssen Oncology, we composed a symphony of speakers, special guests, and absorbing content.


The results.

Feedback from both Janssen and attendees was that the launch event was music to their ears. Our teams were so glad to be back on site delivering such a unique event and are ready for the next opportunity to use their hybrid expertise, production prowess, content cultivation, and speaker training knowhow.


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