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An immersive experience within a constrained exhibit space

To enhance the number of quality interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Creating a memorable congress experience amid a sea of noise is always a challenge. We custom designed a stand at a major congress to boost HCP understanding of a new treatment. 

This is how we created an interactive experience which exceeded client expectations.

The challenge.

Our client Merck was to use the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) as a launch pad to ensure their new product, MAVENCLAD®, was the most visible drug at the annual congress and raise awareness of the product. This was the first commercial launch of a product for our client in over 15 years, so creating a positive impact was essential. Merck wanted to demonstrate the positioning of the product and emphasize that it’s a market leader. 

Merck wanted to create a new experience that was different, away from their traditional booth – something that would be memorable and shine a light on this new, valuable breakthrough. 


The solution.

We partnered with our client and were in constant discussion with additional brand and marketing agencies from the outset, working with them to ensure brand consistency and exceptional impact at the event. We worked with the group to propose creative event elements within the boundaries of the congress and the space we had allocated, collaborating effectively to firmly place the client’s objectives at the heart of every discussion. 

We created a custom-designed stand comprising multiple elements of interactive technology and specialist audio visual screens, aimed at immediately intriguing and engaging visitors. This proved both logistically and technically challenging to build in the allotted time of four days. The venue also proposed another challenge – the ceilings were only 10 ft high, which meant the booth had to be built with no rigging. But with impact high on the agenda for our client, unique and innovative solutions were the only option.

Zone 1featured Dual iPads, and podiums served as controls for the splitscreen Le Grand Tour driving game that was displayed on the screen. The emphasis on the gamification experience was for users to take a journey while being exposed to MAVENCLAD® key messages along the way. The fun, engaging, competitive, and shared experience challenged the drivers to see how many key messages they actually recalled. The results were added to a leader board and shared during the course of the exhibition. 

The experience continued to Zone 2,where attendees could relax at a few tables with built-in iPads near Café de Maven, the custom coffee bar serving specialty drinks within the booth. iPads were preloaded with MAVENCLAD® sales kits, allowing attendees to self-educate while being exposed to materials in a pressurefree environment, with campaign video looping on the screen behind them.  

Zone 3featured four interactive stadium seats made of highdensity foam which emulated a drive-in theater viewing experience. The comfortable seating enhanced the experience, encouraging more attendees to stay and watch. 

The intent behind Zone 4 was to start getting the attendees to put all of the information they just learned into practice. Dual iPad podiums served as controls for the “Patient Profile Activity” that allowed attendees to take a look at four patients’ medical history and apply the appropriate treatment to fit their needs. 


The results.

The goal for the congress experience was to double quality interactions with Merck’s customers from the previous year’s booth. The booth exceeded Merck’s objectives of ensuring MAVENCLAD® was the most visible drug at the annual congress and raising awareness of the product. Of all the key messages attendees took home from the ECTRIMS conference, the new treatment option of MAVENCLAD® was one of the top three messages attendees believed to be the most important. 

Attendees ranked the Merck booth highest across the following categories; credibility of information, impact on practice, scientific advancement, booth creativity and professionalism of staff. 



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