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An immersive lifestyle experience in a transformed space

To welcome customers and employees to an “Open House” with a difference.

For our client NEFF, the kitchen is at the heart of every home. How do you inspire your retail partners and teams around the launch of new products and branding? 

Take a look at how we transformed an empty warehouse into a very special Open House.  

The challenge.

NEFF came to us with a brief to launch their new range of cavity ovens as well as the new branding to Trade Partners and internal staff. 

The event was to be located at their distribution center in Corby, Northamptonshire, England. The space allocated for this was an empty warehouse, with no pre-existing services or infrastructure. 



The intelligence.

The event needed to cater to various audiences. 

Firstly, kitchen retailers. This audience had experienced supply chain issues and a lack of customers in showrooms over recent years, through the pandemic and beyond. They needed to know what these new NEFF products do, how to express NEFF, and who their target audience is for them. 

NEFF customers tend to have quite a lot of disposable income; they are looking for creativity and the ability to express themselves. We needed to showcase that to the kitchen retailers and tie those persona attributes to the functionality the new NEFF range brings. It was also important to highlight the energy efficiency of the range. 

NEFF employees needed to feel confident and excited by the new brand and products.

With Open as our strategic approach, we wanted to take attendees on a journey – a warm, instructive, unfolding experience that opens their hearts and minds; a journey that opens up gradually, stimulating curiosity, and experimentation in sociable surroundings; a journey that welcomes, reassures, and reinforces relationships, helping all our attendees open up to the new NEFF products and allowing people to share their passion to Cook, Create, and Inspire.


The solution.

With NEFF inviting audiences into their main distribution hub to see behind the curtain and learn about the new products, we proposed the Open House theme, creating vignettes of customers home kitchens to bring the product messaging to life. 



We realized it would be as cost effective to buy products outright and create a permanent space. This could then be used after the launch event to demo products and create social and marketing content. We installed services including plumbing, electricity, extraction, and internet, as well as NEFF’s 154 appliances.

Our Delegate Experience team worked to ensure this felt like a VIP experience for all attendees. Located in Corby, guests potentially have a long journey, so a warm welcome and relaxing reception was key.



The experience started with guests mingling in our lounge, where we displayed NEFF brand films and created a homely setting with delicious local catering on offer. 

Once everyone was gathered, NEFF then welcomed guests to the experience and invited them through our sliding Open House doors into the main event area. Here, NEFF’s product range was incorporated into three, persona-themed kitchens, where we hosted live cooking demonstrations, as well as 14 further displays for specialized product presentations.


It really has that wow factor. It’s very much on brand. 

Sue Flowers, Group Marketing Manager, NEFF 



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