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An inspiring meeting for 250+ senior pharmaceutical leaders

Immersing attendees in Chinese innovation and supporting their 2030 ambitions.

Invites for this Senior Leaders’ Meeting are highly sought after. This global pharmaceutical company wanted to transport their delegates to 2030 to demonstrate how they were going to achieve their goals. Immersing them in the culture of the spectacular city in Shanghai was also key, to inspire and uplift them. 

Take a look at how we did it… 

The challenge

Our client set us three key objectives:  

  1. To drive engagement in our client’s ambitious goals for 2030
  2. To demonstrate that China is a powerhouse of global innovation 
  3. To strengthen connections between senior leaders



The solution

We transported delegates to 2030 for three days to inspire them to make the achievement of their goals a reality. The event was held in Shanghai for the first time, so we ensured that every leader paid a visit to a local business to immerse themselves in Chinese innovation and explore some of the meeting’s key themes. 

From interactive breakout sessions, immersive audio and AI digital twins, to spectacular dinners, Chinese tea ceremonies and a celebratory lion dance, we made this an event to remember. Every attendee had a personalized agenda via the event app to ensure they could make the most of the experience and connect with their peers. 

Our creative team produced a bespoke visual identity which reflected the idea of making a journey and reaching the summit of ambition. In the distance, we always stay focused on the point of light and the ambition we want to reach. 65 separate assets were produces by our film team, including an emotive and empowering opening film, animations and a highlights film edited onsite to close the meeting. 



Our logistics team looked after 1500 room bookings and 360+ airport transfers, as well as three evening functions, flight management, delegate communications and a host of wellbeing activities, including T’ai Chi sessions. 

From event production to logistics, employee engagement to film, our team came together to make sure this was an opportunity for purposeful connection. 



The result

A 99.5% satisfaction rate from delegates. 


“I wanted to thank you for being an absolute dream team to work with. You really did knock it out of the park... Thank you for…operating as one combined SLM team.”

Senior Global Internal Communications Director 


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