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Award winning employee engagement event for Genmab

To inspire audiences with Genmab’s vision for the future. 

How would you link up an entire workforce to make sure they are confident in the company’s future direction? 

We were tasked with bringing together 26 departments at a major event to roll out the company vision. 

Take a look at how we created a vision of the future.

The challenge.

Genmab set themselves – and us – an incredible challenge: 

  • Create a fully in-person, internal company event for the entire global workforce – connecting with colleagues new and old
  • Roll out of the company vision and direction
  • Educate the global workforce on all areas and functions of the business
  • Create a One Team mindset; have some fun, recapture the imagination of the workforce, and instill the culture of the organization 


The solution.

We delivered a high-touch, engaging event – “togetherness and networking” were encouraged over seminars and talks. The entire organization was engaged to create a showcase of talent, projects, and visions using multiple learning tools. Sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste created unique shared experiences, growing the bonds between attendees: One Team, Stronger Together. 

We created interactive experiences showcasing Genmab’s cultural pillars, providing hands-on examples to bring them to life. Each experience was created with intent, always tying to the overall event messaging. Our team brought a vision of the future of the organization and of the patients the company helps.

There were 100+ client stakeholders and 79 external speakers.



We provided: 

  • Creative and content strategy
  • Messaging and content creation
  • Program design
  • Event creative identify and themes
  • Meeting room and environment design
  • Message delivery format
  • Audience engagement
  • Event technology
  • Attendee communications
  • Delegate registration system
  • Event collateral and materials
  • Speaker management
  • Venue sourcing
  • On-site management
  • Health and safety
  • Supplier management
  • Travel and transfers
  • Event documentation/photography/videos


Giving back.

7200 hygiene kits assembled for refugees from Ukraine 

$10,000 donated to the Fundación Aladina for children with cancer, thanks to the Stronger Together challenge 


The results.


The lasting impact of the event can continue to be felt; the connections that were made, the inspiration, the innovation, the collaboration; a sense of pride, belonging, of being proud to work for a company that is really trying to change the way cancer is treated and the lives of patients.

Marisol Mendez, Senior VP Communications


The team deeply understands the ethos of Genmab: who we are, what we stand for, what we’re about, what we tried to achieve with our teams. And that may be in the approach and the discipline and intention that they approach the relationship with, so that there is that understanding of our identity and some of the more sublime elements which are very nuanced, but incredibly important and impactful when we’re delivering content or a program like this.

Chris Cozic, Chief People Officer, Genmab 



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